Assignment 3 -Jewellery


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Jewellery is the important part in our life, when it comes to special dates - like Christmas - having jewellery is a good choice for you. This collection includes different kinds of rings that show different values.

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Silver Ring

The ring is made of 925 silver, and it is Centered with a Moissanite diamond.

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Golden Ring

A Rose Gold Ring with multiple diamonds is a perfect gift.

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Moissanite Ring

Centered with a high quality of a moissanite diammond

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Vintage Ring

Unique shape of this vintage ring brings a lot of values.

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Flower Ring

This ring is simply called Flower Ring. A charming flower is formed on the pinched shank.

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Green Sapphire Ring

This stunning green sapphire ring shows the pure elegance and it is abslutely a good gift.

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Twisted Roped Ring

The design of this twisted roped ring is simple but it highlights this charming golden ring.

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Oval Ring

This vintage oval ring features an amazing oval stone at the centre.

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